Home workouts

The current situation has forced people to change their sports routine. Someone who trained a lot before already found ways – borrowing equipment from their CrossFit gyms, online workout sessions with their personal trainers, kettlebel workouts, etc. Casual gym visitors, though, may be overwhelmed by influx of fitness advice in their instagram and youtube feeds. Even worse, they could be worried that they don't do enough.

What about me? For a person whom friends jockingly call "coach", I'm surprisingly lazy. The trick that works for me – be consistent instead of going out of way figuring out the most optimal exercise "for the gains". Every day, I'll do some pullups, a bit of stretching and anything else I'm in the mood for. I'm never tired or dripping sweat (and probably not the fittest guy in the block as a result).

With all sit-at-home time we've got, no matter if it's sport or reading, remember: habit > amount of reps or pages done.

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